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There was a call From Rotary Bangalore South that I have been selected for appearing before a panel of Rotarians in connection with my online application for Rotary Bangalore South scholarship. There were several hundred students like me studying in variouscolleges. The entire hall was buzzing with enthusiastic young college students with equally enthusiastic rotary people. The refreshments and coffee very very tasty. After the formalities,all the candidates were informed that selected students will get a communication. There was no call, no mail , or any sms for nearly three weeks. I thought I might not have been selected for scholarship for not falling in their eligibility criteria. To my surprise on fine day I received a call that I have been selected for Rotary Scholarship Award and I have to attend a function organized for Scholarship distribution on Wednesday the 7.01.2015. at six pm.Accordingly I went to Vasavi Vidyaniketan on the said day. I was late by 15 minutes. I was worried as I had not enquired the room Number in which the scholarship will be distributed. Vasavi vidya Niketan is a very big building spread in four floors with several class rooms. When I reached the place, I got a doubt whether I have come to the right place or mistook the address. There was a registration counter on the right side of the entrance
with two persons dressed immaculate with Rotary Badge. A few yards behind there were snacks and coffee counter. Very melodious music was also adding value to the place. Just I saw the stage and the auditorium. Oh amazing. It was like a filmfare awards or International level awards function which I had seen only in TV. Colourful Stage with a Roatry backdrop signifying the dignity and sanctity. A presidium table with name boards and a podium aptly placed. The lights were very attractive
and sober. The arrangements in the Auditorium was Stunning.Tables with attractive , decorative colour ful frills with five chairs behind each of the table. Tables were numbered. Each table had rose petals in the centre arranged petals after petals and a small candle with mineral water bottles nicely placed at the centre. A gentleman seated ( later I came to know that he is also a donor. ).There were few gentlemen to guide me to the chair and table meant for me. After munching the snacks and sipping coffee, I headed to table.The donor recognized me with my name. all the other students earmarked for their table were already seated. Smiles and greetings
were very affectionate.The entire Auditorium wore a festive look, cheering faces , curious to watch the happenings. The function started as per schedule. Yes, I had heard earlier also that Rotarians are known for keeping up the time.The Chief Guest and office bearers came on to the Dias by 6.59. and the function started exactly at 7.00 pm. One student by name Padma Kini sang an invocation which was meaningful, apt and melodious. Then President Rtn. Sridhar, B.R. welcomed all the
invitees and students. He informed that awarding scholarship is one of the most important event of the club and mentioned one of the biggest program of Rotary Bangalore South . Immediately after that Rtn. Krishna Murthy, Chairman , Scholarship committee, gave a very brief not about the establishment of the Scholarship
Project and commencement of endowments like Rtn. HS Nagaraj and Bangalore South Rotary Trust endowment, BMSCAAT and Bangalore South Rotary Trust endowment and Sharadamma Thambi Chalamaiah and BSRT endowmwnt. He also thanked Rtn Sampath Raman and all the Donors for their generous contribution.
The lighting of the lamp was very unique. All the diginitories on the dias lighted candles kept on their table , at the same time all the candles kept on each of the table of awardees were lit with loud and melodious chanting of Sanskrit Sloka ‘Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya, Mruthyorma amruthngamaya’ in chorus. There was a great vibrative energy created on account of group chanting.In the same tempo, Secretary Rtn. Balaraj read out the oath which was taken by all the scholarship recipients, which made us to commit that we will help the poor and needy by contributing our mite once we start earning.There were more then 100 recipients, we thought it would take a
long time for distribution. To our surprise the cheques pertaining to each of the beneficiary were ready with the concerned donor seated on each table, who handed over to students with a smile and blissful greeting. The entire process took not more than two minutes. Students when called on to the dias for group photograph with a big applause was moment that any one will cherish and will remain green in their memory for along time to come.When chief Guest Shukla bose was introduced by Rtn. Jairaj, Director, all were taken aback, that she left a job of CEO with lucrative perks, only to serve the children poorest of poor.Her address to Students was very inspiring and motivational to excel, to perform, to serve the society and to become honest and proud citizen of the country.
Two students who spoke on behalf of the recipients of awards thanked Rotary Bangalore South for helping their studies since 4 years and informed that they will join Rotary once they begin their career, i was thrilled when they mention they are placed at Mecedese Benz and  HP.
The programme came to an end very meaningfully with Vote of thanks by Rtn.Arun Kumar B.S.Chairman of the Trust and requested everyone to join for the Dinner hostey PDG Udayshankar.The Dinner was really awesome .
Over all It was a best function so well organized that I ever attended.
-Sagar, final year student from RVCE.