Dr. Ramaraju gave an interesting talk on climate change and and its effect on water resources in the world on 17th September 2014. Though the subject appears to be connected with civic science, our Rotarians  were given  understand that the subject has a direct relevance to our every day life. Dr. Ramaraju said , as per a scientific estimate, if rainfall  is stored properly, it will meet the water needs of the entire population in Bangalore city for one full year.
Improper rainfall, though a natural phenomenon, contribution of humans towards air pollution, global warming, deforestation, growth of industries at the cost of environment pollution also plays a role in climate changes. The evil effects of these changes are volcanoes, tsunami, drought, floods untimely rainfall, variations in monsoon etc. Theses devastative effects can be prevented.
Dr. Ramaraju also said all these can be prevented provided the society and Government authorities have will to combat and implement proper strategies. Like rain water harvesting, removing silt from catchment area, stopping deforestation, intensification of water saving campaign, implementing water wastewater management and taking steps to popularize the green revolution and mass education helps change the situation.
Several members came forward to purchase ROTARY Wrist Watch as the token of their commitment to Rotary community service.
-Report by Rtn. PC.BALARAJ
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