Rtn. PDG, S.K.Sen, was invited to deliver a talk on Rotary International foundation at Maharaja Hall, city Institute, Shankarapuram, Bangalore on 12th November 2014.
He being a senior Rotarian, and an advisor for the District in the avenue of Foundation activities, gave a brief  note on the various points like establishment, purpose, and activities of the foundation and progress made so far. He also mentioned about the periodical changes that have taken place in the structure and procedure for giving grants from the foundation which has secured an award.
He informed the enthusiastic audience about the pride factors of the foundation in serving the  mankind over a period a time. He told that a genius person like Bill Gates, chose ROTARY for his Charity is an ample Testimony to the rotary itself. He felt proud that he is a Rotarian, when WHO declared India free from a dreaded disease Polio. He also said the mission of Rotary is to eradicate the Polio from the Planet earth.
He gave a picture of India, such as poverty, child labour, improper sanitation and hunger. He said majority of population in the world are still suffering from diseases on account of lack of sanitation. Many a villages in the country even today do not have toilet facility. Women, Girls are feeling ember raced to request the authorities though the schemes from government are formulated. Malnutrition to the children is a causing concern.  All this have emerged on account of poverty and improper planning of the economy by the authorities. He said Girls are pushed to the cursed profession of prostitution in Asia and India ranks top which is problem of grave concern.
He appealed to the members to be generous in contributing to the foundation. He informed that even Non-Rotarians also can become PHFs by making contribution to the foundation.
All the Major donors and PHFs of our club were honored on the occasion. Election Officer, Rtn. R.A.Srinivasan, read out the list of candidates who contested the elections for the year 2015-16.
He said all the nominations received were valid and the entire team is delclared elected unanimously.
President Rtn. Sridhar, congratulated the new team and wished them well.
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