"You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”.
 ‘A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.
Roshan Naveen a Rotaractor, a youth member of the Rotary International Service Organization is on a unique and exhilarating life changing mission on spreading awareness on 'T E A C H' , an unique initiative taken by Rotary India on 'Eradication of Illiteracy ' by end of 2017. 

Roshan has taken this purposeful and adventurous journey on 25th June starting from Kanyakumari and all the way to North East India, where the main stream education and Indian Ethos are not making that much of an impact. His journey has already covered 3500 km as on 6th November, 2014 and he has covered 200 schools and 12 states. He interacts with the children, motivates them, talk about the TEACH Program and speaks on Rotary Movement in each school. He is also conducting a unique survey on the status of the schools based in line with the Mission Statement of TEACH.
TEACH Mission is to strengthen the Teacher Skills, Provide E learning to all the School children, Make their parents for basic reading skills, Child Development and Happy Schools.The plan is to provide benches, proper classrooms, teaching aids, toilets, school benches in order to facilitate comfortable learning environment to children.
It is an holistic program and with the help of the teachers, govt., Rotarians, Rotaractors, School administration etc this can be achieved. To do this we need to create the Awareness amongst the Rotarians and the schools. 
Roshan's journey is to high light this unique program to those 500 schools and have a multiplier effect on all.
Rotaract Club of Bangalore South is proud and elevated to announce that Roshan Naveen, a pro activeRotaractor is dedicated towards his service and responsibility that he started this first step before the installation. Roshan’s effort to reach out to the common, hard working community reflects his approach towards humanity and compassion in life. His expedition has brought out the essence of simplicity and natural form of unknown Indians.
I appreciate, acknowledge and admire his kindness and courage towards his community service. Hats off to my fellow RotaractorRoshan for his immense support and role in the club.                                    
Shruthi. B.V.
President, Rotaract Bangalore South