RYLA – Awakening Youth Power
“My hope of the future lies in the youths of character, intelligent, renouncing all for the service of others, and obedient –good to themselves and the country at large” – Swami Vivekananda
Rotary Bangalore South conducted the 3-day Residential RYLA program for students studying in 8th, 9th, 10th and 1st PUC at Guhantara Cave Resort, Bangalore. The event was designed to give the youngsters an opportunity to connect with fellow youngsters and learn various leadership skills under the guidance of accomplished speakers in order to enable them to become the future leaders of the country.
RYLA Chairman Rtn. Sarangapani and Youth Service Director Rtn. S.N Ramesh worked towards putting together a well-structured program for three days. The group comprised of an eclectic mix of rural and urban students from schools and colleges in and around Bangalore.   
Day 1: When the children arrived at Guhantara on the first day, they were anxious, nervous and excited. The day began with ice-breaking games by Rtn Sarangapani followed by inauguration and Keynote address by Dr. MIM Nehruzii who spoke about public speaking skills and ended with team building games.
Day 2: The day began with yoga session followed by a session on ‘Fundamentals of Leadership’ by Mr. Raghavendra. The next session was held by Ms. Ashwini on ‘Tacking Examination Stress’. Mr. Karthik Muralidharan held the students captivated during his session on ‘Discipline Simplified and Goal Setting’. The evening began with team building activities by the DJ of Guhantara Resort and ended with a ‘Talent Show’ by all participants.
Day 3: Post yoga session in the morning, DR. BD Patel held the first session of the day on the topic ‘Character Building’. The next session was taken by Rtn. Raghavendra CG on the topic ‘Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem’.
Ending note: Srujan Lokesh, the popular television actor was the Chief Guest for the valedictory program. The students were excited to see a ‘star’ amongst them and were able to relate to his thoughts easily as he addressed them in ‘student language’. Two students chosen by the campers themselves were given the ‘Best RYLA Participant’ award. It was a pleasure to see the confidence level, talents and leadership characteristics among the participants. The students were given certificates of participation and a memento. Of course, they forged new friendships and carried home new skills and tons of positive memories!
Hats off to Rtn SN Ramesh and the Guhantara team for making the program a great success. Special thanks to Rtn Sarangapani, Rtn Gangardhar and Suma Gangadhar, Rtn Prabhudev and Ann Prathibha Prabhudev, Rtn Satish and Rtn Usha Dongre and Rtn Balaraj, Rtn Jayachandra Aradhya and Rtn Indira Jayaprakash and all Rotarians for being a part of this successful program. The RYLA program proved that youngsters bring out their best and come out with flying colors when given the right opportunity. – Rekha Sridhar
Feedback from Students
RYLA Just Superb!!!
On 30th Oct we went to VVN School because of the trip of RYLA to "Guhantara Resort". RYLA's full form is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. In RYLA i learnt lots of activities like:- Character building, Stress Free studies etc. We left our home by 3:00 pm & we reached the guhantara resort at 5:00 pm first we had a game called ice breaking & then Snacks breaks after that we had a session by Mr. Nehruzii after that we had our dinner & then we had games after the game five people were aloted in a room we went to our rooms watched T.V after that had a nice sleep. On 1/11/2014 at 5:00 am we all woke up for yoga after that we had our break fast & then the first session begins & that was by Mr. Raghavendra N & the topic was fundamental leadership & then after session 1 we had a health break of 5 min after that we had session 2 by Ms. Ashwini NN V ganing about stress free studies after the session a vote of thanks was by me after the vote of thanks we had trekking & the lunch on the hill top. After the lunch break we had a turing point by Mr. Kartik Murlidharan & Session was about Discipline simplified & goal setting be use tell us that when he was in 10th Standard his fater use to say 10th standard turing point. It was a Excellent session by Mr. Kartik Murlidharan & Then we had team building out door activities & then dinner after the team building we had talents by participaents. I was made the anchor & after the talents the lights were off. On 2/11/2014 we had a wake up call for yoga & then the break fast & 4th Session by Dr. B.D. Patel about character building & then a health break after that we had 5th session by Mr. Raghavendra C.G. about building self confidence & self esteem & a lunch break was there & then was validectory & the chief Guest Mr. Srujan Lokesh & the Very Saddest movement was going home when we meet new friends & a newplace we don't have a mood to go home we went near the bus climed & were back to VVN School.
by S.Prajwal Jain.
RYLA Just Awesome!!!
I Balaji of 9th std want to share some awesome experience with everyone, 30th oct 2014 the first day of RYLA. We were asked to meet at VVN School. I and my friend came there with my mom and my brother. we left at 3.30pm and reached Guhantara at 5.00pm. I had got a new friend by the way he was my relation. we were asked to refersh and there was Ice breakers session. Then we had opening ceromony and a session by Dr. Nehruzii. Then they gave a chance to occupy stage and talk I spoke about PISSING ON ROADS. From then I was famous as pisser. Then there was Dinner and games. there was group made in games session. I got a new friend group we played and enjoyed nicely. Then it was time to take rest, 5 members were alloted a room we saw T.V and slept. I was happy and exited too that what would be tommorrow. A nice day passed way. Then a new day came we were asked to get up at 5.30 am for yoga to honestly say I was very bored with yoga then we had breakfast. Then we had a session as Fundamental of leadership by Mr. Raghavendra N it was superb. Then we a session of stress free studies by Ms. Ashwini Ganig it was a average one. Then there was lunch then there was a turning point RYLA. The 3rd and Awesome session of Karthik Muralidharan remember the turning point. we all were in a Josh like something The best session ever in RYLA. Then we had Team Building outdoor activities. We had 2 teams and 3 games. The first 2 games we lost. Our eam was Known as spiderman and the 3rd game was to make Ornaments for Krishna and Radha in Paper we got the highest point in it. Than we had dinner and then there was talents participation. I and my friend gave an black magic participation. There was a super friends group in whats app. The 3rd day the saddest day of RYLA. We had Yoga at 6.00 am Today the yoga was nice then we had breakfast. Then we had a session as character building B.D. Patel Sir. Even this was a nice one. then we had a session of Building self confidence and Esteem by Mr. Raghavndra C.G I gave the vote of thanks for this session. Then we valedictory the chief guest was expect the unexpected Srujan Lokesh. We were very exited we got a certificate we took a group photo with srujan Lokesh. Then we had lunch. The saddest part of RYLA we were back to our home. In one sentence the RYLA was Just Awesome.
by Balajiraj P.M
St. Joseph School