The talk "KNOW YOUR DIAMONDS" delivered by Mr. Ashok Rathore made all the audience inquisitive particularly the jewelry loving Anns. The questions had to be restricted due to the paucity of time. The audience were astonished to know that a newest diamond is minimum 20 million years old. Mr. Ashok also said that SURATH, INDIA has re-gained the glory of BEST DIAMOND CUTTING CENTRE in the word which was garnered by ANTWERP, Belgium earlier. 
During first fortnight of September, Kerala celebrates Onam. We at Rotary Bangalore South celebrated by eating "Puttu" a sort of jolly with whole grams cooked in tasty coconut gravy. To add decor to the plate, a beautiful and a delicious cake made by Ann. Rekha Sridhar in connection with 50th Wedding Anniversary of Rtn. Thyagarajan was served. This cake was cut in the beautiful open air area amidst cheering greetings by Rotarians, Anns and invitees. Thanks to Rtn. Thyagarajan for hosting the High Tea.
-Report by Rtn. PC Balaraj, Secretary