A talk was organized by our club by a well known trainer Anuradha Shukla on how to mange stress .She said certain changes in programming the mind can bring drastic changes .
She suggested a simple and practical suggestion.
*Take a book and list out happy things; like the food I love, the enjoyable aspects of work. Doing this activity can shift the vibration of a person to something positive.
* Another solution she suggested was going back to our childhood or bring back the child in oneself. These efforts will bring happiness and relive from stress. Children wil not have any stress.
*Never allow some one to control your life.
* Whenever your inner soul changes, your outside world also change.
*She also taught MUDRAS derived from our vedic culture are very scientific and result oriented.
* Molecules attract the people in the universe, relating to the same is nothing but a sort of Meditation.
She also answered some of the questions asked by the members present. Members present in the meeting appreciated her view points.