Dr. H.V. Srinivas who has decades of rich experience in treating and teaching Epilepsy was invited to speak to on the myths and facts of Epilepsy. The Myths and facts that he revealed were very interesting.  Members who attended the meeting were amazed to know that Greek Philosopher Socrates and his followers believed that this disease is a very sacred one and gifted by God. Contrary to to this, Indians believed that it is a curse and strongly believed that, it is a dreaded disease which cannot be cured. Some even had a belief that it is courageous and such patients should not be touched by naked hand.
Normally the causes for fits or epilepsy are lack of sleep and total fasting. Whenever a person gets fits, commonly observed is that he will be given a bunch of keys, or bring a foul smelling footwear near his nose.There were also instances of putting a burn mark on his body. Dr. Srinivas suggested nothing to be put his hands or mouth, it stops on its own and suggested that people around the patient should not panic. He also mentioned that it is possible to cure epilepsy with two to three years of treatment.
report by P.C.BALARAJ
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