During my visit to Paris, I had the opportunity to  interact with  many club presidents and members of District 1770 france, Thanks to Rtn Isabelle Derrock and Rtn Alain for helping me to translate from English to French,  Rotary Club of Villipente Expositions, Rotary Club Sherwood Sunrisers and Rotary Club of Maldeghem Contributed  3500 Euros for Literacy and Women Empowerment projects of Rotary Bangalore South,Rotarians were happy for my invitation to visit india in the coming months. Saint Mard Cycling Association president Mr Gérard Gruaz has invited IFCR(Cycling) members and their families Dist 3190 to visit france for cycling in the month of May, Rotary Club of Villipente and Rotary Club of Montreal extended their help during IFCR members  visit in the month of May.
- Rtn Sridhar B R