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Rotary Bangalore South initiated many community projects at Santhekallahalli Village in association with Rotary Community Corps on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanth. Sri. N.Naganna Chairman, State Environmental Appraisal Committee as the Chief Guest, President Rtn. Sridhar B.R, Secretary Rtn. Balaraj P.C, Vice President Rtn. Dr. Jaiprakash B.S, Rtn. G.C. Ranganath, Rtn. Shivaraj, Rtn. Srikumar, Rtn. Jayachandra Aradhya graced the occasion.
Cow for a Family
A needy family at Santhekallahalli Village has benefited from the donation of cow. Thanks to the donation, the family will now earn a surplus income and also enjoy the nutritional benefits of milk.
Eye Screening Camp
An eye screening camp was organized on 2nd October 2014 at Santhekallahalli Village in association with Forus Health Pvt. Ltd using a unique device integrated with cloud hosted telemedicine application.
Distribution of Sanitary Pads
Sanitary napkins were distributed to girls in and around the Santhekallahalli village in association with Rotary Community Corps.
Drinking Water
Safe drinking water kits equipped with Sawyer's revolutionary technology were given to a couple of needy families at Santhekallahalli village.
Community Service Award
Rotary Bangalore South has conferred community service award to Mr. Venugopal, President of Rotary Community Corps in recognition of his immense contribution to the society.
On 2nd Oct 2014, Joint Secretary Rtn. Keshava Murthy.V visited Rotary International headquarters at Chicago and had a great opportunity of meeting R.I President Gary CK Huang.
Rtn. Naveen C.B

Rtn. Manoj C.P

The Bio activity at Biopark, Bangalore University was suffering due to dried up situation during most part of the year. Rotary Bangalore South upgraded the check dam as per the request from the coordinator of the Bio-park to save 67 types of Butterflies and many birds. Our effort has yielded good results thereby saving water for the birds and butterflies in Biopark at Bangalore University for the whole year. We are also planning to upgrade one more check dam at the Bio-park.
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Selamat Datang – Bali (Welcome to Bali)
Planning a vacation is more fun than the actual vacation itself, don’t you agree? President Sridhar and Vinay must have traveled across so many countries virtually before putting together this plan. The itinerary was planned for a 3 day cruise on Star Libra covering Penang, Phuket and Krabi and 4 night stay at Bali with a transit stay in Kuala Lumpur.
Tour leader Vinay Jairaj led a group 46 members comprising Bali Beauties, Bali Heroes and Bali Babies to a memorable vacation.
The Star Cruise was a rocky experience, literally! While Day 1 on the ship was smooth sailing, the highlight of Day 2 was the Simon Cabaret Show at Phuket on a rainy evening. Day 3 stood still with the Krabi tour getting canceled due to rough weather. Day 4 was a mini city tour at Penang and a transit stay at Kuala Lumpur. Days 5-8 was the Bali tour in which we covered the iconic temples, Kintamani volcano, visit to wood carving and handicraft outlets and water sports at the beach.
  • Food -When you are travel with Rotarians, you will never have to worry about grumbling tummies! Packets of munchies popped out of their bags the minute we were idle. Congress Kadlebeeja from Srinivasa Brahmins Bakery, chakli, kodbale with all kinds of thokkus ensured a good exercise for hands and mouths :). Of course, Vinay made sure that we didn’t miss Indian food all through the tour by choosing fabulous restaurants.
  • Oh, the joys of shopping! -  Well, well... Bali Beauties snatched every spare moment to indulge in shopping. While some Bali Heroes happily let their purse strings loose so that they could enjoy their fellowship sessions at peace, dutiful heroes accompanied their spouses and indulged them on a shopping spree.
  • Laughter is the best medicine! - Thanks to the sportive nature of Rotarian families, we had plenty of moments to laugh, tease, gossip and giggle. From Mrs. Vijaya Puttaraju and Rtn Ramakrishna’s laughing competition to RtnDwaraknath’s funny one-liners, singing and dancing sessions @ cruise to Rtn Ramesh’s poetry sessions, the vacation entertainment was FULL ON!
  • Babies’ Day Out! – Bali Babies had their own chill-out sessions. While the boys group enjoyed at the pool and their own games, the girls were busy shopping and clicking selfies so much so that we started calling them ‘The Selfie Girls’!
  • RBS Rocks! – From participating in competitions to cheering aloud during the cruise shows, sharing chakli, kodbale at the airport queues to hardcore bargaining moments, the group grabbed the eyeballs of fellow travelers wherever they went.
  • Tour Highlights: Rtn Satish, Mr and MrsPuttaraju, Mr and Mrs Ramesh Babu, Rtn SN Ramesh, Ann Rekha Sridhar being a part of the cruise shows, experiencing sea sickness on the cruise, exclusive puja opportunity at the Rudra temple at Uluwatu Temple,Balinese cultural show, all Bali beauties wearing white @ cruise and red @ Bali, disappointed faces when we were taken to the wrong shopping mall, thrilled faces when we stole a bargain, and the joy of eating pani puri, pav bhaji and kulfi @ Bali beach!
  • Tour Guides: Sally @ Penang, Julie @ Phuket, NarendraModi – Jnr(yes! that’s what he called himself) @ Malaysia, Bhagus @ Bali –these guides ensured that there was not a dull moment during the entire tour.
  • All’s well that ends well! – I’ll conclude by saying that going on a group vacation is a different ball game altogether. Such experiences give us a chance to understand each other, teach us to be accommodative, go with the flow and bond over common interests. Hats off to Annette Vinay Jairaj of Aviation Holidays for going an extra mile and ensuring us a great vacation.
          Selamatjalan!(Goodbye in Balinese)
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Dr. Raviraj. A (MBBS, D ORTHO, DNR (ORTHO), MNAMS, MCH Ortho) was awareed Rtn. P.R. Satyanarayana Setty Young Surgeon Gold Medal Award.
A brief about Rtn. Dr. PR Satyanarayana Setty
‚ÄčThis award was constituted in the year 1980 by Rtn. Dr. P.R.Satyanarayana Setty with an endowment of Rs. 50,000 to Bangalore South Rotary Trust, from the money collected from his patients. interest earned from this amount is being used for the Citation.
Objectives of the Award:
To recognize, honour and motivate promising and skilled Young Surgeons, aged between 30 to 40years, to continue & pursue their zeal for academic excellence in their field. By giving due publicity to this award, it should encourage other young surgeons to work towards excellence.
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Dr. Thimmegowda.M.N (Associate Professor of Agronomy, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore) was awarded Rtn. Sunderlal Bagai Young Agricultural Scientist Gold Medal Award.
A brief about Rtn. Sunderlal Bagai
Late Rtn. Sunderlal Bagai was born in west Pakistan Punjab area, but settled down in Bangalore. Though he was a school dropout, he was a self made good businessman. He was the sole agent for the whole of South India for Raymonds.
He was motivated by Rotary's ideals and started "Free Rotary Homeopathy Centre" for the poor.
He felt that the benefits of the agricultural research carried out in India were not reaching the farmers. It wass this concern that motivated him to Institute "a Gold Medal" to be awarded to a young research scholar on agricultural innovations. He foresaw that in recognizing and honouring such scientists, the farmers and ultimately the country would benefit.
Objectives of the Award:
To recognize, honour and motivate promising & Skilled young Agricultural Scientists, aged between 30 to 40 years, to continue & pursue theor zeal for academic excellence in their field. By giving due publicity to this award, it should encourage other young scientists to work towards excellence.
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On the occasion of International day for the Elderly on 1st October, senior citizens at Anekal were given blankets and water filters. The program was organized by Senior Citizen Sangha of Rotary Bangalore South.

The New Board of Directors of Rotaract Club of RVCE was instaaled on 12th September 2014 at the College Campus. Rtr. Nitin S Yadav was installed as the president and along with his enthusiastic team. PRID Rtn. M.K. Panduranga Setty motivated all the Rotaract Members President Rtn. Sridhar B.R complimented IPP. Rtn. Salman Khan for the record blood donation drive and extended support for the incoming president for all the activities.
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Dr. Ramaraju gave an interesting talk on climate change and and its effect on water resources in the world on 17th September 2014. Though the subject appears to be connected with civic science, our Rotarians  were given  understand that the subject has a direct relevance to our every day life. Dr. Ramaraju said , as per a scientific estimate, if rainfall  is stored properly, it will meet the water needs of the entire population in Bangalore city for one full year.
Improper rainfall, though a natural phenomenon, contribution of humans towards air pollution, global warming, deforestation, growth of industries at the cost of environment pollution also plays a role in climate changes. The evil effects of these changes are volcanoes, tsunami, drought, floods untimely rainfall, variations in monsoon etc. Theses devastative effects can be prevented.
Dr. Ramaraju also said all these can be prevented provided the society and Government authorities have will to combat and implement proper strategies. Like rain water harvesting, removing silt from catchment area, stopping deforestation, intensification of water saving campaign, implementing water wastewater management and taking steps to popularize the green revolution and mass education helps change the situation.
Several members came forward to purchase ROTARY Wrist Watch as the token of their commitment to Rotary community service.
-Report by Rtn. PC.BALARAJ
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Rotary Bangalore South celebrated 5th September as  teacher’s day to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a staunch believer of education, well known diplomat, scholar, president of India and above all a great teacher.
    On 3rd September 2014, five teachers from various fraternities were identified and honored with “OUTSTANDING TEACHERS AWARD” on account of teacher’s day celebration.
      The teachers were honored with fruit baskets and mementos as a token of appreciation for their service to the society jointly by Rotary Bangalore South  and Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South.
      The following teachers were the recipients of the outstanding teacher’s award:
  1. Mrs. Buddhiraju Ramanashi
  2. Mr. Srinivas.N
  3. Mr. Shihan Suresh Kenichira
  4. Mrs. Gayatri. M. S
  5. Mrs. Sarojamma
      On the same occasions Rotarians and Inner wheel members who have served as teachers were also recognized.The event ended with vote of thanks by Rtn Dr. Jayaprakash.
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Launch of TEACH Mission at
Government Model Boys Primary School, Sarjapura, Anekal Taluk
Rotary Leadership in India has taken up "Total Literacy" as the next corporate program of Rotary after Polio Eradication.This Total Literacy Mission is  named  as T-E-A-C-H"  covering the five thrust areas:

T- Teachers Training.
E- e - learning
A - Adult Literacy
C - Child development ( which will also includes educating the specially or differently-abled  children).
H - Happy School -comprehensive school infrastructure development.

Rotary Bangalore South under TEACH Mission has adopted 150 Year Old Govt School at Sarjapura, with the CSR activity of a Multinational Company SABIC. The  dilapidated building built during British era will receive new look after completion of the project with all the  facilities required for teachers as well as students for better learning environment.
Speaking on the occasion SABIC Scientist Mr Utpal Vakil mentioned various projects undertaken by SABIC under CSR activity and thanked Rotary South for partnering with their CSR programs. President Rtn Sridhar B R mentioned about adopting three more schools under TEACH mission and thanked TEACH Chairman PP Rtn Radhakrishna for all the support. District Governor Rtn Manjunath Shetty M Complimented SABIC and Rotary Blr South for the excellent initiative for the literacy program. Rotarians PP Srinivas S, Community Service Director Rtn Srinivas T, Teach Chairman Rtn Radhakrishna R A, Treasurer Gangadarappa A B, Rtn Babunagendra, Rtn Nagendra Babu, Rtn Krishnamurthy and Ann Gajalakshmi Krishnamurthy graced the occasion.
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Self-defense classes seem to be the need of the hour. Over 500 girl students at DMM High School, Dommasandra will emerge confident thanks to the self-defense classes conducted by Shihan Suresh Kenichira, head of  Okinawa Shorin - Ryn Shorin - Kan Karate - Do India. The program conducted in association with Rotary Bangalore South comprises of a series of self-defense classes. The girls will be given hands-on training to defend themselves in adverse situations. The program was inaugurated on 27th August 2014.

President Sridhar hoisted the flag at Billapura School during their Independence Day celebrations.


RB South and RB Spandana in partnership with Sankaramana Balaga organized a one day health camp at Anekal. Over 400 patients took advantage of the the camp comprising general checkup, eye, dental, ENT, skin, cardiac and gynecology specialties.This event was held at Govt Higher Primary School (old), Anekal - adopted by Rtn, Krishnamurthy.M. ENT and Skin Specialists from Victoria Hospital and team of doctors from Sri Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences took part in the camp. Thanks to in-house medical specialists Rtn Dr Rajashekar Setty and Dr Anegundi for  ensuring a successful health camp.

A joint meeting between three Rotary clubs: Bangalore South, Bangalore Kengeri, and Bangalore Spandana was held at Vardani Bhavan, Bangalore on 20th August 2014. BK Chaya and BK Sneha spoke about the topic 'Good wishes and pure feelings for true service'. Around 100 Rotarians were enriched with the value of selfless service with spiritual wisdom. The program was followed by Rakshabhandan celebrations.

Rotary Club of Bangalore Spandana, a new club was chartered on Tuesday, 5th Aug 2014. The club was sponsored by Rotary Bangalore South lead by President Rtn Sridhar B R and Governor Special Representative PP Rtn Ramanath K. District Governor Rtn Manjunath Shetty M installed President Mr. Gurunagesh and the office bearers of Rotary Spandana. Several Past District Governors and district officers graced the occasion.
Chief Guest of the event, Justice Santosh Hegde admired the activities of Rotary world over.Justice Hegde regretted that the human values are dwindling down. Happenings around us in the recent past has made us to question ourselves that “Are we human beings?” Need of the hour is, we have to become human beings in true sense. He felt sorry that the Indian culture and civilization which has a great history of 5000 years is being neglected. The cause that can be attributed for all the above is greed. He emphasized that children have to be taught the difference between the just and unjust.
He complimented Rotary clubs for taking up various service projects. He congratulated the new club for its initiative towards taking its first step towards service to mankind.
Rotary Bangalore Spandana is the third Rotary club sponsored by Rotary Bangalore South since its inception in the year 1966.
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Fifty school kits were provided to students of Shilindra Doddi(Tribal Village)Govt Primary School on 7th July 2014, Rtn Srikumar, Rtn Madan Mohan Reddy, Rtn Venugopal J and President Rtn Sridhar B R graced the occasion.
Six hundred students studying at Vidya Vikas Kendra will go to school happily with their school kit consist of school bag,water bottle, lunch box, drawing pencils,drawing book and notebooks, pen, and pencils for entire year. The students hail from poor families from surrounding villages.
IPDG Rtn Nagendra K S, IPP Rtn Balaji T R, PP Rtn Veeresh and many Rotarians and Anns from Rotary Bangalore South graced the occasion.
IPP Rtn Balji T R has distributed dictionaries to 8th std Students. Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South adopted 3 Students to help with their education.