Rotary Club of Bangalore South was formally inaugurated on 30th of November 1966 under the agies of Dist. Governor Rtn, A.B.Ramanand. Rotary Club of Bangalore Sponsored our Club through Governor's Special Representative and PDG and Past R I Director, Rtn.M.K.Panduranga Setty,

The Charter President of our club was Late Prof. P.Shivashankar, whose son PDG Rtn.S.Udayashankar is a senior member of our club, the charter was presented on 12th of December 1966 to the first president Rtn, Prof.Shivashankar who held the office till June 1968. The charter miniature is reproduced hereunder for your information.

Being a member of this movement is itself is a great privilege, a member can gain colossal confidence within oneself and involvement seasons a person beyond imagination. Many members of our club will definitely vouchsafe this point of view. Thereafter becoming a President is a great honour.

Our club has so far produced 47 Presidents. A majority of these Past Presidents feel that they had fantastic opportunity to lead this club in Service to the community, which enabled them to hone their skills in managing people especially when they are leaders in their professions or vocation.

 We have had three successful District Governors from our club who were able to execute their roles , superbly .Rtn.S.Udayashankar who ensured that Rotary Brings Hope to the less fortunate in the year 1986-87 , Rtn. Shyamal Sen  who strived successfully to ensure that Rotarians Look Beyond themselves , during the year 1990-91 and Late K.K.Suryanarayan Rao who gave a paradigm shift to our thinking in the 1993-94. To believe in what we do and what we believe in, it brings out the best in a person and makes him seasoned, confident, and concerned and gives a broader perspective to life. In the year 2010-11 PDG M N Suresh has achieved saveral landmark in the District.