Service Projects for the Year 20-21
  1. Providing State of the art Blood Collection Bus to Red Cross
  2. Providing State of the art Cath Lab to Vasavi Trust Hospital to Help the Needy Community.
  3. 25 Heart Surgery to Children.
  4. Restoration of  44 Acres Tindlu Lake .
  5. Scholarship to 150 Needy Degree Students.
  6. One  Lakh Note Books to School Children.
  7. Women Empower Project with Tata Trust CSR.
  8. Restoration of 3 Govt Schools and 25 E Learning kits with SABIC CSR.
  9. Covid 19 relief initiative .
  10. Providing seperate toilets for Boys and Girls for  10 Govt Schools
  11. Vocational Courses to Degree Students