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Rotary Bangalore South Invites Online application for the  Merit cum Means Scholarship for the Year 2020-21, Please click the following link to apply.
Please click here  or scan the barcode to submit the online application
or scan the Barcode 
Last Date to apply online:- 15th October 2020
Intimation to attend Interview-5th November 2020
Interview and varification of documents 11th Nov 2020
Scholarship Award Program-25th November, Venue will be informed later.
Sanitizers, Mask and immunity boosters distributed to
Sompura And Kommasandra school teachers
Ann Gowri joins me in Greeting you all .
We usually pay taxes to Government for the civic amenities that we Enjoy. Similarly  we owe something to  our Society  which gives innumerable things, particularly Social feeling and security. One benefit from being here and those benefits are not free. One needs to give something back  for the privilege of being part of our community. Organisations like Rotary allow us to pay our mite to our local and global communities. When we join in Rotary, it  helps to keep the organisation itself strong. Rotary Serves humanity.
It is my pride and privilege to be the 54 th President of this Club.
The performance of my previous President Rtn Sunil has become a bench mark. Despite the odd situations contributions by our club is very significant. I believe the words of our Prime Minsiter Modi, that the leader is nothing but first servant. Similarly my team allows me to perform well for the welfare of our fellowmen.
The Goals set by our R.I. President  and our beloved D.G. Rtn. Nagendra Prasad are unique in itself. I , with the support of efficient team members would sincerely aim at  achieving many.
The year 2020-21 is opening up the new opportunities to strengthen  and bringing more youngsters and women  to embrace rotary Service and model positive engagement . With this humble ambition to serve with all sincere endeavours, we are confident to SKY ROCK.
Yours in Rotary,
President, Rotary Bangalore South, 2020-21.
Dear Rtn. T. Srinivas
My heartiest congratulations to you for taking up leadership of “ROTARY BANGALORE SOUTH”.
I am greatly honoured to be part of this vibrant club and looking forward to a memorable Rotary Year ahead.
The club guided by experienced senor Rotarians and ably supported by energetic youngsters, I am sure the year under your leadership will also achieve all the goals which are already set by you and your team.
I hope, this “sky rocking year” will be remembered in the history of the RB South for its achievements in spite of negativity created by the pandemic disease Covid-19.
I look forward to your and clubs assistance and cooperation in achieving the goals set by the district.
Ann Sudha joins me in wishing you, your team and members of RB South, one more successful year in Rotary.
Best Regards
Rtn. M. Marulasiddaiah
Assistant Governor
Greetings to Rotary family from Inner Wheel District 319
Firstly I would like to congratulate Rtn T Srinivas on this occasion.
With this new Rotary year coming up I wish you and the whole team at Rotary Bangalore South a great year ahead .
With these changing times and uncertainties we are facing , I am sure you and the team will be instrumental in creating
a better tomorrow by OPENING OPPORTUNITIES across various avenues and help those in need .
Suma Prafulla
District Chairman 2020-2021
Inner Wheel District 319
It is a privilege for Rotary Bangalore South to have a great philanthropist as the 54th President of our club. I am sure you would set new trends and examples for the incoming leaders of RB South.
With your passion to serve the community and help the needy I am sure you and the sky rocker team would take RB south to the pinnacle of opening opportunities to the world to serve the community at large.
Rajeshwari joins me in wishing you for a wonderful, cherishable and a successful presidential year.
Rtn. Sunil Holavanahalli Veeresha
President 2019-20
RB South
 Dear President Rtn Srinivas,
 At the outset let me  Congratulate you on becoming  54th President of this  
 Prestigious club Rotary Bangalore South.
 During your term as President  We hope to see many signature 
 Projects from the club to  benefit the community at large.
 You being a great philanthropist for over a decade both at 
 District & Club level, it is a rare  Privilege to be with you serving
 the club as Secretary...
 May Lord Show all his blessings  On you & your family and 
 Motivate to continue serving  the Community and Mankind.
 With Personal Regards,
 Rtn Lokanath M R
 Secretary 2020-21
Message to Rotary president by IWCBS President
On behalf of the members of inner wheel club of Bangalore south,
I congratulate Rtn. T.Srinivas as the 54th President   and  taking up the
responsibility of leading this prestigious club for the year 2020-2021.   
I also extend my best wishes to the whole team and take this opportunity in working
together.I also extend my good wishes by congratulating IPP Rtn.Sunil Kumar and his
team for the successful completion of the year 2019-2020
My best wishes for a year of peace through service. Lets  join hands together
and changes lives for better  future.
Service Projects for the Year 20-21
  1. Providing State of the art Blood Collection Bus to Red Cross
  2. Providing State of the art Cath Lab to Vasavi Trust Hospital to Help the Needy Community.
  3. 25 Heart Surgery to Children.
  4. Restoration of  44 Acres Tindlu Lake .
  5. Scholarship to 150 Needy Degree Students.
  6. One  Lakh Note Books to School Children.
  7. Women Empower Project with Tata Trust CSR.
  8. Restoration of 3 Govt Schools and 25 E Learning kits with SABIC CSR.
  9. Covid 19 relief initiative .
  10. Providing seperate toilets for Boys and Girls for  10 Govt Schools
  11. Vocational Courses to Degree Students

Rtn .T.Srinivas, the 54th President of the prestigious Rotary Club of Bangalore South and Ann Gowri Srinivas became Arch Klump Society member this year and is the 12th Rotarian of RI District 3190 to hold this badge of honor.

A successful entrepreneur and owner of  Darshan International, one of the leading exporters of Agarbathies in the country, Rtn T Srinivas is well known for his philanthropic activities.

Speaking on the occasion of his installation as a President, Rtn Srinivas said 'It's important for every human being to give back to the society'. He believes that the happiest person is not the one who gets more but the one who gives more. He is known to practice what he preaches and is evident from the generous contributions to the the Rotary Foundation.

He has held  positions in various charitable organizations such as Asaktha Poshaka Sabha, Karnataka Arya Vyshya Charitable Trust, Vasavi Vidyaniketan Trust, Vasavi Union Charitable Trust. His Meritorious services have been recognized by many institutions.

He is happily married to Gowri Srinivas and the couple are blessed with 2 sons - Ashok Thambi and Harsha Thambi.


         On 15h July 2020 Wednesday, Rotary Bangalore South Under Youth Service
         Installed Rtr Nagesh B as President and his team members for Rotract Club
         Of South 2020-21.
         The Rotract Club had 30 active members and Inducted another 31 members into
         their fold as Rotractors. A great membership drive indeed…….
         District Youth Service Director Rtn Krishna Mariyanka & District Rotaract
         Chairman Rtn Jayachandra Aradhya & DGE Rtn Fazal Mahmood were the
         Chief Guest and Installation Officers. Other District officials, President,
         Secretary and other members of RBS also participated in the event.                                           
On 24th July 2020 Friday, Rotary Bangalore South Under Youth Service
Installed Itr Aditri as President and his team members for Interact Club
Of South 2020-21.
The Interact Club had 21 active members and Inducted another 6 members
into their fold as Intractors. District Youth Service Director Rtn Krishna Mariyanka
& District Interact Chairman Rtn K T Suresh  were the Chief Guest and Installation
Officers. Other District officials, President, Secretary and other members of RBS
also participated in the event.                                          
The Gorgeous Lady Rotarians of Rotary Bangalore South take this opportunity to convey our Best  Wishes to all members for a New Rotary Year 2020-21!
We Congratulate and wish the 54th President Rtn. T.Srinivas, his gracious  Ann. Gowri Srinivas and the 'Sky Rockers' office Bearers a successful and memorable Rotary Year, thus 'Connecting the Unreached and Opening New Opportunities' in the community!'🙏🤟
On 2nd July 2020 Thursday, Rotary Bangalore South Under Community Service Jointly with
 M/s Kandala Jewellers of Rtn Subbaraj K G, donated 80 Nos of  Covid Safety Suit to Bangalore
 South Police personnel.The event was Sponored and organised at Kandala Jewellers showroom
 at Jayanagar. RBS Secretary Rtn Lokanath, Community Service Director Rtn Mansuruddin,
 Rtn Subbaraj and DCP south were present during the program.
  On 4th July 2020 Saturday, Rotary Bangalore South Under Community Service Donated            200 kgs of  Fine quality Rice,100 Kgs of Toor Dal & 50 Ltrs of Edible Oil for preparing  Lunch and Dinner to Doctors Working tirelessly at Various Covid Hospitals like Vicoria              Hospital, CV Raman Nagar Hospital, KC general Hospital Etc., RBS Secretary
Rtn Lokanath, Sergent at Arms Rtn Nagendra Babu, Rtn Ramesh Babu were present during the  Handover.

Under Vocational Service Director Rtn Venugopal R conducted online Skill Development 
program for Faculties & Engineering students of Different colleges.358 students registered 
for the topic on " Role of  sensors & controls inWarfare & Industrial applications.
The Vocational service Director spoke about his experience in developing Gun controls 
for Arjun battle Tanks & Navy ships.Video on Saudi Project where 1.00 lakh cement blocks 
produced in a 8hour shift.Various type of sensors were demonstrated which are used in Auto 
It was also a Good Public Image for RBS in joint program with Raja Rajeshwari college 
of Engineering.
Rtn Srinivas T, President for 2020-21 Chaired Virtual  Club Assembly held on 26th June 2020, Board Members Club Service Director Rtn Gangadarappa A B, Community Service Director  Rtn Mansurudhin MD, Vocational Service Director Venugopal R, Youth Service Director Shivshankar N, International Service Director Ramaraju and Treasurer Jagadiswar S A presented their plan of action for the Rotary year 2020-21.


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    November 30
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